Standing Committees




The committee is responsible for developing club fundraising events to raise general club funds.  It also oversee's the 50/50 sales at home events, primarily active during the Football and Basketball games. The committee meets regularly to review incoming team requests and discuss ideas.  



The Membership Committee is responsible for increasing Booster Club membership by raising awareness of the Booster Club.  The goal of the committee is 100% athletic parent participation.  The committee is active throughout the school year.



The Scholarship Committee receives and reviews the applications from senior athletes for the annual Booster Club Scholarship Awards.  They determine the recipients of the awards each year and attend the Senior Awards dinner to present the scholarships.  The committee is active primarily during January - March.

If you are interested in volunteering on a committee or acting as a chairperson, please contact Terry Kennedy at sf-President@sfboosterclub.net.