Booster Club Meetings are open to all booster club members.  We encourage your insight and questions.

Meetings are held the 1st Monday of each month at the Senior High School (10-12 bldg) room 169.  Meetings begin at 7PM.

The meeting schedule for 2019/20 school year is:

Sept. 9th
Oct. 7th
Nov. 4th
Dec. 9th
Jan. 6th
Feb. 3rd
March 2nd
April 6th
May 4th
June 1st

PLEASE NOTE: At our April 6, 2020 meeting, the Board of Directors will be voting on proposed changes to the Booster Club bylaws.  Please review the proposed changes to the bylaws.  If there are any questions or concerns, please contact Terry Kennedy at SF-President@sfboosterclub.net or come to the meeting on April 6th at 7:00.